9 April 2012

Borders for the Jelly Roll Quilt

I did touch my big quilt, and did two out of the three borders, but….
But, when I went for the third and final border it just didn’t do it for me.
And because I am a bit of a perfectionist, if it says ‘nay’ in my brain, is definitely a no
Tomorrow I will have to go to the shop and buy fabric for that third border
Here is the quilt with two of the borders

Jelly Roll Borders 004

It is just getting big, and I think I won’t be able to quilt at the moment with my one and a half arm. Too big!!!
And about my arm, I have an appointment tomorrow, with a man, that I hope that it sorts my arm out.
Fingers crossed !!!


  1. You're doing different borders on the different sides? Running the risk of being repetitive... it's beautiful.
    Good luck tomorrow :)

  2. Hi Teresa,

    No I am doing the same three borders in all the sides, the first one the dark thin one, it more or less frames the quilt, and the other two just to make it a bit bigger and not so busy, but it's the third one that I wasn't happy with the fabric, hopefully tomorrow if not wednesday I will have to go to the shop (damm!! I love going there ;-))and get one that I do feel happy about it.

    Thanks for tomorrow, I really need a lot of luck xxx