9 April 2012

Some embroidery

And just because sometimes I like to do different things
Don’t know what to do with it next, but something will come up

Embroidery 003
I will show you hopefully soon ( she says!!) what this will be used for
Have a great week xx


  1. It is absolutelly beautiful!

    Lovely lovely!

  2. Naná

    Thank You, you are so kind, embroidery really is something that fascinates me, but really I am such a beginner with it, and not that perfect. Need to practice some more

    Thank You for your lovely commment. Have a great week xxx

  3. I can imagine that lovely square being the center of a beautiful block for a quilt, or a bag!
    Love it!

  4. Sofia to tell you truth no ideas at all ;-)

    I'm sure one day hopefully soon, something will come up.

    Going through the list at the moment ;-)

    Have a lovely evening xxx