8 April 2012

Trying to finish......

What a productive weekend this one has been.

Restarted and trying to finish this one.

Adding three borders, and I am sure it will just look lovely.

If there's something that really gives me immense pleasure is to have in the bed a quilt that I have done.

Have guests arriving in the end of the month, let's see if I can finish this one, and I am also sure Mrs Tutor would love to see another project finished, since she has never forgiven me for not finishing the first one, and yes I get reminded in every single class, if my heart is not in it, just can't do it.

One day I might show you the bits I have, and even with my full creativity cap, I just can't see it.
It was meant to be a sample quilt, but....... but mine was never meant to be I suppose

Anyway have to go and carry on sewing ....

Have a great Sunday Evening xx


  1. That quilt is absolutely lovely, you should definitely finish it and be completely proud of it. Love it!
    Hope you've been having a great Easter Weekend :)

  2. Thanks Teresa it will definitely be finished, done 2 of the borders yesterday, not happy with the fabric for the 3rd, so stopped again.

    But as soon as I get a fabric that I am totally happy I will carry on.

    The weekend has been great and today is the last day

    Have a great week