28 May 2012

Yet ….. more fabric


There’s a plan, for a really nice quilt, all in different creams, soft which probably will include lace
This is the beginning of the planning, and collecting as many ‘creams or taupe’ as they call it as possible
This part of process of doing a quilt, and I have to say, this is such a fantastic feeling.
Choosing the fabric is exciting
When will I start? I don’t know, but whoever knows me, knows that I am not in a hurry
I enjoy every single process, and Patchwork, for me is not a business…… yet!
It’s fun, it’s just simply a pleasure to be surrounded by beautiful things
Talking beautiful, there’s something in the post that is just going to be so feminine, so beautiful, so lacey……. can’t wait
And for me, life is like Patchwork, is enjoying every single day as much as I can, is having pleasure with the things that surround me
I feel blessed and I really am
I do love Patchwork, and the way it makes me feel
Enjoy life, it really is so Precious x

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