1 June 2012

A love story ………..

When we first met, I fell in love with you.
But you belonged to someone else
After 3 months you were mine.
All mine!!
I hated you, you were empty, you were dressed in horrible colours
I remembered our first meeting
Just you and me.
I cried for hours!!
The day after, I pulled myself together
If you and me were going to be together for a long long time
You had to change.
That was nearly six years ago.
Today I love you so so much I can’t even describe
I realized I moved in, in one of the lowest moments of my life
It was just me and you. Nobody else
Soon we started building a relationship
I started liking you more as the days were passing by
Then an angel came and joined us.
Now there’s three of us. Not a crowd as they might say.
Just perfect!!
Me, him and you.
He treats you perfectly, he devotes so much time to you
You are so much more to me, than you’ll ever know
Not by your value, after all I have never been materialistic
But for what you make of me, when I am here
The way you make me feel
You are my paradise, nothing matters outside these walls
When I am here, I can easily drift to my own world
I can be me!
I am relaxed, I am creative, I’m just in perfect harmony
I love you so much, because after all, you gave me everything that I was looking for
You gave me this wonderful peace that I feel
You are able to give me a piece of heaven on earth
I will always, and as long as I can take care of you
I love you my little HOME!!!

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