21 June 2012

Creativity within the blog


It’s always nice to see a blog from a different angle.
We are all different, we all have different goals
The thing I want from my work, from everything I do in life is Quality, rather then Quantity
Reading about blogging and this immense world is fascinating, and there’s so much to learn that really you can just loose yourself reading about it
I have passion about my work, I have a total relaxed sensation, when I give what I have done
This is me, passion in everything I create, I might not be a fantastic blogger, and not post as much as one would like, but again, with everything else, unfortunately I also have to have a full time job, to pay for the bills that come every month
Yes in an ideal world I would post everyday, I would show lovely things, but here too, I have to be careful, not to expose myself too much
I will try and be a better blogger, and trying is good enough for me
This book that arrived today, well, let me tell you a secret, my team, Portugal, was playing, now just get the idea:
In the spare room with the TV on,laying in bed reading, quilt on top of me, so I could cover the screen when it didn’t look in our favour, sound totally off, and I read almost half of the book
All I can say, I get so much more from a Patchwork/Sewing and Quilting book, but this one, I need because is out of my comfort zone. I do recommend it, there’s lots to learn
And the feeling of learning something new, is just great
Just be patient with me Winking smile


  1. I was trimming the ends of almost 40 granny squares, while I watched the game!
    I love books, because of the learning it provides :)

  2. Naná

    I seem to get so much done while the games are on, I think that it is the nerves ;-)

    When I did my granny square blanket that was the bit that I loved the least, the trimming seems to be my pet hate.

    But it is worth it, once it is done, can't wait to see yours :-))

    Books are just so inspiring,I just love because you get so many ideas, and I have to say, in the net these days you just see so many beautiful things too, and talking about granny squares, I have that in my list the granny squares in fabric, they just look lovely, and it is in my list, and I tell you something, that list is just sooooooo big lol

    Have a lovely Friday, and the weekend is nearly here. Hoorayyyyyyy