24 June 2012

Sunday Fabric Shopping

Well, well what a day in London
Started a beautiful collection today, I knew that going to Liberty’s would be a good choice.
A very good choice indeed
After a lot of thinking, it’s hard, so many beautiful fabrics, you just don’t know what to choose
And this is the beginning of a beautiful Love Affair
The fabrics are beautiful, very nice touch
One day I’m sure I will have a beautiful Quilt
This is the beginning of the collection


As going to Liberty’s wasn’t enough, why not go and see what the sales had to offer in a very nice department store, one of my favorites
Well, I thought it was Christmas, with Birthday all in the same day
Half price fabrics, Tanya Whelan, Verna Mosquera, Joel Dewberry all for Free Spirit
My inner voice kept telling me, Carla control yourself….
I tried, I promise,I did try……. but these had to come home with me, specially the check one from Tanya Whelan, I have been after it for a while
Check these beauties


As you can see not bad for a day’s shopping


Me very Happy!!! Smile
Have a great week xx

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