5 June 2012

The right choice

Well..... regarding the previous post, it was one of my best decisions.

I refuse to count how many squares I have to unpick, but let me tell you that I have all ready done lots.

But it looks so much better, definitely worth every bit.

And this, tells a lot about me, not always I chose the easy route in life, not at all, but the rewards you get once reaching the goals are ten times better.

This quilt was an example, there was something that wasn't clicking, something that just wasn't right, sometimes and very often, I don't waste my energy in things that I think are not worth it, as I see it, Life is too short, and I move on.

But this one, because I spent so much time with it, something had to change, something had to be done, and I made the right decision and you know, what I love it even more.

Well worth all the extra time I'm spending on it.

A very Happy me :-) x

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