4 June 2012

This is what I call Patience!!!!

Remember this quilt well......

How shall I say, it was there on the side, almost finishing the binding, and not happy with the blue thread in the quilting.....

What do I decide to do?

Yes you got it.... this has to be the Mother of all Patience, unpick every single bit and re quilt......... can I just remind you that is a king size quilt ....

This is me, or I do it and I love it, or I don't do it at all.

I need a lotta lotta patience, but I will do it.

As my tutor say, if you can live with it fine, if not.......

I think she's going to be shocked when I tell her what I am doing

I just couldn't live with it, and I wasn't at all happy, shame I just noticed now, once I had done it all

Such is life ;-)

Wish me Good Luck, because I think I am going to need it

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