15 July 2012

Could I ?

Live without Reader or Facebook?

Of course I could but, Life wouldn't be the same,

The second probably, the first it would be so difficult, and the hundreds of posts I read daily

It would make things so more complicated ;-)


  1. Hi Carla! Thank you for your kind comment on my return to blogging. It was truly appreciated. "Once a blogger, always a blogger", someone has said. What would we indeed do without the internet and the inspiration within.

  2. Wow ... hello Mia.

    I mean it when I say that your blog, is a real inspiration, but I also understand, when sometimes we need to pause, because it all gets too much.

    I was also following that group in Facebook ;-)

    It's great to have you back, and it's so true when you say Once a blogger, always a blogger. It's like an addiction, but this one is not a bad one

    Thank you for visiting my little corner, and have a great week