15 July 2012

Patchwork and this weekend

Well I finally said goodbye to the Patchwork group of three years.
But life moves on, and new adventures are on the horizon.
Regarding my latest quilt, we as a group, came to the conclusion that minimum I need around 120 squares.
Yes you read right 120, wowwwwww
I might start something in between, I’ve passed the halfway mark, so that can only be positive
I’m sure it will look lovely once I finish
What keeps me going? Actually I don’t know, still trying to figure it out
In my normal daily life, I would say, I’m not of the most Patient person I know, but with Patchwork, things are different
I have passion, determination and I really really enjoy what I do
So I suppose if you have all that, it’s enough to keep you going
Anyway let’s see if I can do a few more squares today

Have a lovely Sunday evening


  1. If it pleases you, go for it! :)

  2. 66 last night Naná ;-)

    I will get there ehehehe