1 July 2012

I only wanted mint, normal mint….

Well I am not a gardener, would love to know so much more, but unfortunately don’t
So when a person like me, goes to the Garden Centre, always learns something, which is great, by the way.
I went there with one intention, to buy mint.
As simple as that, thinking of summer drinks, with lots of ice and mint
Well, I didn’t know there’s so many kinds of mint!
Wow, was so confused, but one that I didn’t even think it existed, had to come home with me
You would never guessed why??


I can just imagine a chocolate drink with a bit of this mint
Did you know this existed?
How come you never told me? Sad smile
Well, well sweet ignorance!!!
But it’s never too late!
Can’t wait to try it Winking smile

And also brought home what I really went there for
Just normal mint, this one for cooler options


One is always learning!!!

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