1 July 2012

Sunday Morning Quilts

First of all apologies to the authors, I should have written this post a few months ago
For a Lady that loves Patchwork, and specially scraps…..
This book, that I was waiting for a few months is just so so lovely. I was so excited!!
It has great ideas, and it is such an easy reading. A total pleasure
I follow Amanda’s blog in reader for a while now, Cheryl’s  blog I started to follow now
By the way, they both have a lovely giveaway now, so go there and if you win, always remember who told you lol
Easy reading, great projects
I’m in Patchwork only for three years.
And yes I am addicted!!
You know that.
So all I can say is, I love this book, and well well recommend it.

Sunday Morning Quilts - signed copy

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