8 July 2012

Greyer than this…..

……. sorry…….. it’s impossible!!!


But weather is not what it matters to me.
There is the chance to go and see the Olympic Flame, passing in St. Albans, but, somehow don’t think so
But, something else is calling me…..

Have already 45 squares, 9 999 955 to go…….
I’m sure the scraps are multiplying by the minute Smile
But I’m determine, and that’s good enough for me.
And there’s always the tennis on telly to watch this afternoon
So, it looks like a pretty good Sunday from where I’m standing
Have a great one everybody x


  1. My goodness, so many squares to go...

    Good work!

  2. Tell me about it Naná, this is the project that's going to test my Patience!! The feeling when it's finished will be truly fantastic, and that's the thought that keeps me going.

    But I have to admit, I do like this type of Patchwork, my favourite actually, where I use either scraps or recycled fabric.

    I have another one in mind already ;-)

    This brain never stops