12 July 2012


December 2008’ Koh Samui Thailand

I don’t like crowds, and I prefer to go on holiday, in the Winter.
And my type of holiday, what I really call holiday, is just beach and sun, far away….
In this exact beach I found and I tasted Paradise
I have been there four times, and I just love it!!!
The search has started……..
Will it be Thailand once again?
I still have five months to think about it Winking smile


  1. lovelyyy hahahayy

  2. Thank God I live by the beach and have the possibility to go there anytime I want and enjoy a people-free beach!!

  3. You are definitely very lucky Naná. I use to, but then Life is all about balancing things, and I had to move.
    Absolutely no regrets, but yes I do miss the sea, that's why my holidays are just so important.

    Hope you have a great weekend

    PS Yesterday I tried to comment in your blog, and I coudn't is it me?

  4. Really? I didn't notice anything different, but a few months ago a friend of mine told me the same, but a few weeks later it just turned normal... I think Blogger sometimes goes mad and squizo...

  5. Magic!! It worked now xxx