27 August 2012

Et voilà…

One hundred and twenty (120) squares later….
They are all done!!!

First stage done!!
Now this quilt will rest till September till I speak to my mentors Winking smile
Have ideas, already but just not sure what colour to add.
Now it’s time to ponder!!!
Meanwhile while I was doing this today, guess what, talk about multitasking….
More fabric on the way, lots of plans for other quilts…
It has been enjoyable, to do this one, and I guess this was the most hard working part of this quilt, because by the end your scraps start running low
This one will be on stand by mode at the moment

One of my bestest friends is having a baby, and she asked for something, that will definitely be very challenging
There I was thinking baby quilts……. no … wrong
A bag for the nappies etc.…
Just need to know if it’s a girl or a boy…..
I’m full of ideas already!!
Have a great week

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