27 August 2012

Organisation or madness?

As I get older, the more I use my diary.
And believe me I’m now on a A5 one, soon will be an A4
I couldn’t live without it, it has everything, and I mean everything.
Post it’s all over the place.
Appointments, shopping lists, for every event i.e.: holidays, birthdays, supermarket
When I think of something, it has do go down
Let’s not talk about all the passwords for the thousand and one sites that we have to log in.
So when the last page, starts to get really full, with stuff for 2013, what do I do?
Exactly it’s still August 2012 and my 2013 diary has lots of stuff already
Is it age, or is it a serious case of organisation malfunction?
Well whatever it is, it works for me.
I told you I am weird..
No news there Winking smile


  1. I'm also very organised, but honestly, I only list the important things I have to do, that I will probably forget very easily if I don't write them down.
    I still rely very much on my memory to those simple errands and phone calls I have to make.
    Lately I have read so many organisation blogs that sometimes I think my organisation method is very simplistic

  2. To be honest Naná, I got very bored with those minimalist blogs. Method A, method B, somehow those people bore me, the ones that start getting rid of everything, ie; only have ten pairs of shoes instead of twenty, I simply can't be bother, anymore.

    We are all different, and what works for me, doesn't mean it works for you.

    My organisation skills are very simple too, and it's more common sense than followings rules.

    But hey, if it works for them, good.

    But with age, yes I seem to have to write much more now!! :-))))

  3. Carla, I completelly agree with you. I became bored and I have to say, I began to think that those minimalists are quite lunny, in fact. Some of them, not all... and it's like you say, if it works for them good, for me it doesn't.
    I'm organised, but I'm not obcessed with it...
    A few days ago I read a post about planning a shopping to Ikea and I thought to myself: wow, I did the same kind of trip, considered the same things and didn't write anything down... To me it was pure logic!

  4. Naná

    I had to laugh, we are exactly in the same wave length and yes, I know the IKEA one you are talking about. I read it and I thought exactly the same. Now tell me how much time, a person takes to come to that conclusion, not long, but I guarantee the person involved spent much more time, coming to the conclusion, even if it was just typing the post.

    But as I say, if they live happy, with it, so be it.

    I am at a stage, where I just start eliminating blogs from my reader that bore me, and in the end have no logic. Another example, that I see on the net, just an example, making soup in a larger portion and then freeze part of it, saves you money and time. Do you need to read that? Isn't that logic? But these blogs get the audience, and good for them, each to their own, as they say.

    So really, I'm becoming a bit of minimalist, when I say I stop reading these blogs, I'm saving time in reading things, that for some are so helpful and for me mean nothing, or I consider clutter

    And me I'm all for clutter free life!!

    I'm still laughing as we thought the same about that post .