29 August 2012


… is just terrible!!
I was tempted by this book and guess what….. have to start an hexagon project!!
I blame the blogs that I have been reading, so much about hexies, and I love them.
And I also have two holidays lined up, easy to carry, handy to do while you are waiting , or when you are in a ten hour flight…
What a bunch of excuses!!
Easier would be to say, I’m easily persuaded. Full stop!!
So after a lot of reading and pondering what to do, not really, quite an easy decision really, here I go
You know what my problem is? seriously… it hurts to have to cut in my lovely fabric, it really does
How bad am I? Addicted?
Yes I am bad, and yes I am addicted
But you know what, I love it!!
So tonight I’m going to be strong, and choose from my smaller cuts some matching fabrics, you thought I was going for the yard or above?
Nooooo, not that brave!!
And tonight I am going to start my hexie project
I don’t plan, I have an idea, so I just go along… might follow a pattern, for once, doubt it, but I promise I will try
Sorry I have to go, I’m just excited to go and choose fabric, like a kid in a candy store….
This is serious addiction!!!
Please note I started writing this post one hour ago.
One hour later:

I don’t mess around do I?
Fantastic to use scraps, and cut some of my (bigger size) fabrics
Will look nothing like the one in the book, but the principle will be the same.
Might change my opinion tomorrow.
But for now, it’s lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyy to be back to the hand sewing. Love it!!

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