3 September 2012

Another day in London

Long time no see…..
Last Saturday went to Soho, London for a Street Photography Course.
Three fantastic hours. It wasn’t so much about taking lovely pictures, was to get a bit more depth how to take pictures.
The company was brilliant, and it was a really enjoyable Saturday.
In the last three quarters, we were meant to focus on a subject and have at least four photos about the subject.
What I found interesting is the people, that are visitors, most of them, and they are so focused on their mobiles, walking and missing most of the views
So that was my subject, I took lots was as easy as that
Obviously not going to show you all of them, just one because I thought this young man, had a cute expression

After the course and not far away we had lunch in Convent Garden, the atmosphere is amazing, and every time I go there, something else different is happening there
Of course it’s all about the Olympic Games


And in the corner they sat up a cinema, with beach chairs
What a great idea!!



So that was my Saturday, in between millions of people, but this city never ceases to amaze me.
One has to love London!!

On the crafty note, my hexagon experience, is going very well, massive project, not for the fainted heart, but just loving it at the moment.
Very very girlie!!! I know a few people are just going to call me crazy, but I love it!!
I promise to show you the photos, but not just yet, have to advance a bit and let me tell you that book is just amazing.
Love it to bits!!
Talking about books…… well that will be tomorrow’s post!!
It’s like each book I buy, just gets better and better, and the one I got today……. it’s a beauty!!
Have a great week everybody xx

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