29 October 2012

Last minute decisions

I don’t do small quilts
I don’t believe in them
Nothing worse than when you wrap in one there’s not enough to go around you.
So mine are always big, or I do it properly or I don’t.
When I started Patchwork I used to buy Fat Quarters. I don’t anymore
I buy metres, I suppose this is a sign of a Seriously Addictive Hobby.
I don’t like to run out, just me that’s the way I am, I rather have surplus, because I will always use scraps, they are just great for Applique.
For the backing of my quilts I usually buy a cheaper version of cotton.
So when I last went to Lisbon, I stocked up, and bought two metres of some fabrics.
Now all this to say that I want to add a border
And here is where the problem started, the 2 metres fabric was just about ok, if I didn’t do a border, but a border I think it would look really nice.
My first quilt I couldn’t decide on the backing, so I’ve ordered one from America that I think… she says will look ok, but they have only posted today, and I can see lots of delays because of the hurricane, so that quilt will be on stand by.
So the pressure was on me, because Saturday I need this, so had to order three, yes 3 metres, of a backing fabric so I can do a border.
And tomorrow that will get to me.
This is the exciting thing about Patchwork, at least with me, I don’t like to plan too much in advance, I plan as I go along, and then I panic, when I have deadlines, it’s probably just me, but I can’t help it Winking smile
So now I have decided in the backing in the border, and in the binding, we are all set, so tonight is going to be the turn of the binding
Fabric, Ruler and Cutter and you know what?
I’ve gone all dotty!!!


  1. Eu também tenho dessas... e por vezes, as decisões de última hora são mesmo aquelas em que o resultado é melhor.

  2. Nao tenhas duvidas Naná, e ás vezes o que eu desmancho, e foi engraçado, que por causa deste fim de semana, temos tido imensos emails nao se esqueçam disto e daquilo , e sabes qual é o primeiro na lista, desculpa, nao me lembro em portugues, pus no google e aparece 'costura estripador' nao me parece lol. É o seam ripper, aquele objecto que usamos muito, o de desmanchar.... é logo o primeiro eheheh

    Mas eu tinha imaginacao muito grande e para inventar nao há melhor ehehehehe, e tende ser sempre ao ultimo minuto

  3. Pois é isso mesmo, um dos instrumentos que nós mais usamos.....ehehehehe e é o primeiro na lista, espero nao usar o meu ... she says :-))))