1 November 2012

And the Big Weekend is nearly here


And I can’t wait!!
Sewing machine properly cleaned. Check
Fabric. Check
Wadding. Check
Bidding ready. Check
There’s only 1001 other things to do, honestly it’s like moving house, and I will make sure I’ll take a picture of the car loaded, honestly !!
Still hoping the other fabric arrives tomorrow, you never know ………. but, there’s always the third quilt, which involves a lot of hand sewing, and I mean a lot!!!
Will have to show you pictures of that one, next week.
And did I tell you, that in this parcel, that is arriving very soon, apart from the backing from my other scrap quilt, there’s some AMAZING fabric arriving too!!
I’ve been waiting for that collection to come out, and it has, so looking forward, and it will be a very soft one Winking smile
So I’m sure I’ll have lots to talk about it, Sunday/Monday and please, sun, don’t be shy, because I do have plans for my camera, to come out!!
Just remind me, how many hours are there in a day?
I can surely say that for this weekend….. not enough!
Have a great one everybody


  1. Enjoy it to the max!

    Have fun!

  2. I will!! I'm so excited :-)))))

    Have a good one to x

  3. I wish you had a big weekend here you. America is all about working :(

    ps.: I love your banner, is this something you made?

  4. I have been to America, twice actually, but it was before starting the Patchwork, I do buy lots from there, much cheaper, so really it would be soooooo dangerous and I mean it, to go there now ;-)

    I think I would loose myself in the shops

    The banner is a lovely baby quilt I did for Seraphina


    Hope you are well x