22 October 2012

Perfect ending for a not so nice day

Today was one of those days.
To start it’s Monday, always a very difficult day for me, after a nice peaceful weekend, it’s always hard to go back to work.
The weather didn’t help.
And it was a very busy day, of course with a few IT difficulties, let’s call it that
So was really looking forward for the evening.
The little studio de cluttered after yesterdays clearance, and my creativity could once again flow
It’s amazing how much that influences me
Grand Designs on the background, makes me dream, and concentrate on my quilting at the same time.
All back to normal, and voilà, done the final cutting of the squares that were missing, remember this?
Yes this is the one, there was a lot, and I mean a lot of squares missing, but laying them all again, I now can safely say, that we are back on track, about time too.
So this little beauty is now taking shape, and by this weekend … she says … the top will be done!!
Choosing the backing fabric has proven to be a bit more difficult, so many choices, makes it harder.
I can see me going dotty, I suppose I’m on a dotty mode, could be worse …really
Have a great week

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