19 October 2012


It was lovely to go back to Portugal
It always is, lovely family, lovely friends, lovely food and lovely country.
I’m not going to talk about politics, I’m sure we are all aware of what is going on.
I do so much, I walk so much, I eat so much … it’s all too much
No wonder I get home, and it takes me a few days to get back to ‘normal’.
I have been sleeping lots, yes I slept very little while I was there.
Life is different, you simply can’t compare.
I love it there, but this is now what I’m used to.
There you go out for dinner, at nine, ten…. here at six I’m having my dinner
Life here is slower, less stressful, greener
This is what I got used to.
I asked myself… where is home?
I still have to think…
But I suppose this is home, this is where i chose to live, this is where I have been for many many years
There I have almost everything, family, lots of friends and lots of memories.
Here is where I chose to live and where with the years I build the life that I live today
So this is Home, in a sense of the word.
Have a lovely evening x

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