8 November 2012

Shop Update

Yes I know it was supposed to open soon, but unfortunately or if we see in a different angle, fortunately, the stock is rapidly going down with friends.

So the plan .... she says ..... is to open in the New Year

It always amazes me, and I'm so grateful, how the 'Simply by Carla' bags are having so much success without any sort of advertising, or shop or anything like that

I always said that friends, and friends of friends would be the first ones to have the opportunity, because of all the encouragement and the support that I received from them

With the Patchwork weekends, obviously it delays the bag making, but soon, hopefully they will come out.

For the time being I'm having the pleasure of seeing MY bags already out there, and it's a wonderful feeling, let me tell you

A Huge Thank You to everybody for making the beginning of my dream so successful and I'm savouring every single moment.

Bless you x


  1. That is so good!!
    You deserve it!
    And you know, people see talent and they want to have a piece of it :)

  2. NanĂ¡

    This is taken me by surprise, really has, and at the moment, with so many things going on, it is so hard to keep my head above water.

    It is very inspiring and I feel so blessed. Truly am!! xx

  3. Can't wait to be able to order my own "Simply by Carla" bag!!!

  4. Good day mate ;-)

    You are a friend, so friends do get priority ;-)

    Hope your new 'life' is going well xxxx