7 November 2012


Well let’s start with the first scrap quilt, the red one, the one without the name yet.
Well little did I know, that adding two borders was going to cause me so many problems.
Little did I know that a 1 and 1/2 inch blue border could do that. But it did
So, just keeping a mental note to myself, that whenever working with fabric in bias, forget the borders, saves a lot lot of time.
But still…. I love it, it’s not finished yet, hey …. but no problem, will soon be finished.
I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and really love it


Once I finished you’ll be able to see how that blue strip frames the quilt nicely.
All I need to do now, she says is the binding!!!
I really am in love with this one.

The second scrap quilt the backing fabric arrived today.
And I’m too very pleased with the choice, wanted some colour, and I surely will get that


I can see a green binding coming along!! It’s just asking for that.
Funny enough I have both backings in pink, both backings dotty, hummm …..but both very different.
So for the near future, i.e. this weekend I’m going to try and start/finish the red one, it would be lovely to sandwich the second one, it’s quite a beast in size. Let’s see.

So much to do, so little time, and with these cooler nights, I seem to choose to read for the hundredth time my Quilting books, always ready for new ideas, new projects, just love to be wrapped in a quilt with a nice cup of tea and my books, and the quietness of the nights. I really do find this, just so relaxing and confortable. But it’s ok, I don’t feel guilty, I feel relaxed and that’s exactly what I love about Patchwork, it’s to make the most of every moment, and I surely do.
Have a lovely and peaceful evening x


  1. That dotted fabric is absolutelly gorgeous!

    No wonder you were anxious...

  2. Deep in my heart I'm a very girlie girlie, and this just adds something special, to the front fabrics, that some of them don't even match.

    All I need now, is time ... you see what I mean, so much to do, so little time ;-)

    But it will be done, I'm dying it to see it finished, and I think the lime green in the binding will just do the trick;-)

    It's so exciting, mixing fabrics I really love it!!