7 November 2012

So what has been happening in ….

… the Simply by Carla little studio?
Well to tell you the truth, not really much, apart from the receipt of even more fabric ….. lovely!!!
This has been in my wish list since day one when I saw it was coming out last month, so it has been there for around six months
When it came out, well I wanted some, and here it is.
Ten lovely fabrics, with a lovely soft touch


I’m dying to put my hands on this fabric, so soft, so me!!
Still on a soft touch, this next selection, is also a great selection, will have to add more beige, more soft colours


And because some days you just have to go bright, here is some brightness, not too go together, but some ideas are flowing already


Really there’s no chance of me being bored is it?
Absolutely love being surrounded by beautiful things, and I sure am achieving that.

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