5 November 2012

The Weekend


I bet you were expecting to see a bit of Patchwork, and those two quilts quilted and ready…..
Well, it just didn’t happen, that was the plan, but…
Arrived there very early on Saturday, after a beautiful drive, quite roads, just great for a two hour trip
After a nice cup of coffee, set up and it started well.
After two borders added to the quilt, and with lots of space to lay the quilt, six tables all joined together, the space was just great…
Here was the problem, the border wasn’t straight, problem of working with fabric on bias…
Even the best laid plans go pear shape…. and this one did!!
But I’m not one to give up.
By then was Saturday night, and a Lovely Migraine started….
After a sleepless night, and I had a fantastic bedroom, with a wonderful bed mattress, all new, could I sleep, no I couldn’t.
Absolutely peaceful, and I was wide awake, me and the migraine.
Following day, still with the migraine, I quilted the top.
And that was all I did, because I left at 4.00pm
Still with the Migraine.
Coming home was tough, driving in the dark, and with the motorways really busy, and of course with accidents in the middle.
But I got home safe, unpacked the car, tidied everything up, and had the longest bath you can imagine.
Would the migraine go? No!!
It’s Monday, and she is still here, not as bad, but still here.
So now you ask, did you have a good weekend?
I had a fantastic weekend, surrounded by lovely people, lots and I mean lots of lovely food, surrounded by lovely quilts, gorgeous work those lovely ladies did.
Ok my quilting didn’t go according to plan, but Life, and Those moments were just Special.
The atmosphere, the way those Ladies helped me in a crisis moment, to overcome all those little issues with my quilt.
These moments are what makes Life Special, not always go accordingly to your plans, but than probably Life wouldn’t be so much fun.
It was a Lovely weekend, with lots of laughter and that’s exactly what it matters.
And I’m such a Lucky Lady to know wonderful People
And for that, I’m so grateful.
And here are some more photos from Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds.











All going well, the experience will be repeated next year!


  1. All that matters is that despite the migraine and one sleepless night and a bias gone worng, you had fun!!! Yeay!

  2. Oh yes I did, and the quilt will be done soon, and those moments some were just hilarious, 10 women together, what do you expect ;-)

    Finally the migraine has gone, and I'm a very Happy bunny again :-)

    Life is good xx