23 January 2013

And the journey continues

As I said I did visit the Charity Shops yesterday, and was amazed to find out that they also have sales.
Learn something every day
Anyway, found the navy one, but not the green one that I was after, but found another one that will mix with the others just as well

At under £5.00 each I don’t think that I could do any better, all 100% wool
Let’s carry on with the use of that seam ripper
I can just imagine ‘this’ quilt Winking smile


  1. Have you any idea how much I hate to use the seam ripper?!

    I really hate it, bust usually it's because I screw a seam up... in this case I guess I wouldn't mind at all... but anyway, much patiente needed!

  2. Naná

    I don't think anybody likes, but you have to see it from a different angle, just think, that after it's going to be much better, not long ago, I had to undo a whole King Size quilt, just wasn't doing it for me.

    I did it in one day, after I've re done it it felt good, and it was well worth it.

    Last night I did the navy skirt and it's amazing how much fabric they have. And I'm looking at my goal (the quilt in my settee) andthat's what keeps me going.

    Sometimes in life changing the way you look at things makes all the difference, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do, because to do 8 skirts, I tell you what, you really need to be motivated, because they are old fashioned skirts, sewn and done in a proper way, there's a lot of stitching ;-)

    But it feels good, recycling, probably the ladies that used to own those skirts are cursing me, but that's a different stories ;-)

    Have a great day Naná x