26 January 2013

Kilts (Part II)

Once upon a time ……… they were Kilts and Skirts.
After a few hours, and with the greatest of helpers, they are not anymore


A lot goes through my mind when I was undoing them.
If only the previous owners could see what I was doing to them…… well I thought a lot, about funny things
Anyway, first step, done. Well almost there’s another one that just been bought, there’s me saying that it would be almost impossible to get cheaper than I got, and I was wrong, my lovely aunt bought me one, for £2.50, it was on a 50% sale, I can’t tell you how much we’ve laughed about this.
Well now I’m ready for the next step, and this is the next step


Lots and lots of ironing to take all the creases
It’s just amazing to see the amount of fabric that I have got
I’m sure there’s much more than one quilt here, but ……
At the moment there’s a lot of work going behind the camera for at least two/three weeks to allow this fabric to get to the ideal cutting stage
Just wanted to show you, what I was up to, and once this is ready, I start the quilt.
Meanwhile, I’ll jump to something else
Stay tuned Smile


  1. I can't wait to see the final result!

    Did I read right? £250???

  2. Neither can I Naná, I have this friend and she just did a wonderful one, plain colours but the most gorgeous colours that you can imagine.

    I'm sorry about the price lol, it's the font, doesn't show the dots, no it was (Two pounds and fifty pence, a bit less than €3)

    Bargain, and the kilts have lots of fabric, I'm sure I have enough fabric, for a quilt and much more ;-)

    1. ahahahah! i was wondering how two hundred and fifty pounds was a bargain... it was two pounds and fifty pence...