20 January 2013


Not like me but….
Last year I started buying skirts from Charity Shops, not any skirt, wool ones, some fantastic fabrics at really silly prices
I think the lady thought at one point that really unusual, a Lady always in jeans and trainers and cleared all her large woollen skirts
Noticed I mention large, yes because they have much more fabric
You have to be patient, to undo them all, but the fabric you have is just amazing, but above all the quality of it is just amazing
So I was buying them, to make bags but now I am confused
Las week I was very lucky to see a friend doing a quilt in wool fabric, it’s not easy to work with, but the result is just fantastic
Today it has been snowing all day, not that I haven’t got plenty of quilts, yes I do, but a woollen one would just be the perfect accessory in the lounge
This picture, shows a black one that I already unsewn it all


The red fabric, my Mum knows me so well, and just send it to me today. Thanks Mum!!
Every little bit helps, I must have another six skirts in the loft that I need to take it to bits.
What do you think, do you agree with me that the quilt would be a great idea?
I’m very tempted Winking smile


  1. Hi Carla,

    I Think the quilt it will be a great idea. I love the fabrics, I wish I could have some of them. I miss so much the charity shops.
    I will be waiting for the result.


  2. Hi Ligia

    First of all welcome to the 'Simply by Carla', thank you for your comment too.
    Yes it has to be the quilt hasn't it? As I drove to work this morning, I saw a young girl with a bag in that type of fabric, and I thought.
    No it has to be a quilt!
    And a quilt will be ;-)
    I just have to find the courage to undo all the skirts and after that is easy.
    You'll see the result, I keep you posted