19 January 2013


Well, it’s been a pretty busy day!!
Outside it looks like this, so actually this is the Perfect Weather to stay indoors, and sew, and cook, and clean and tidy up.
Lots were done today.
And today I managed to finish the Baby Bag, (will have to take pictures with daylight)
And my Sewing Room is very compact, for the small side. And when I’m in a project I take all the fabrics, that I’m using, plus some that I think I might use, wadding etc etc
By the end of each project my room looks a bit untidy, I’m being nice here, probably a bit, wasn’t the right word Winking smile
And I can’t function with a ‘bit’ of untidiness.
Result takes a while to get it all sorted out, scraps to the scrap box, bigger fabric to other box, and so on
Now, it’s all done!!
And I’m already thinking in the next one
I have a WIP, yes one!! The girls do tease me about this, no Patchworker has ONE wip, well I do!!
Next month, if I don’t finish this one, I’m starting a new course, for another scrappy one, so then, I might have two
Meanwhile I fancy something smaller, for the time being
Time to research my books, and see what I fancy
There’s always lots mind you Winking smile

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