25 May 2013

Busy bee

Well Saturday has been busy!!!
Nothing like starting the day shopping, but not any shopping…. oh no!!
Liberty Fabric Shopping.
Could there be any better start of a day?


Then a trip to a Portuguese Food Shop
Sometimes nothing beats Homemade Portuguese Cuisine
Followed by a nice Portuguese Lunch

On the way home some seafood for lunch tomorrow

And just before reaching home a trip to Garden Centre to close the day’s shopping with a gold star


Some Oregano e some nice Lemon Verbena for tea Smile

And of course more Lavender


And I think the garden, has enough this year
All we need now is lots of sunshine
I now, need to rest … from today!! Driving in London on a busy day when there’s a few sports finals on, it’s not easy
Love London, but love it more when I’m at home, in peace and quiet
Lots of sewing on the agenda
Have a great Saturday xx

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