26 May 2013

What a day …

After my beautiful day yesterday,the day unfortunately ended with sad news.
Life sometimes is just so hard, that it hurts
So today a lot have been on my thoughts
Life is so short, and I want to make the most of it
So started the day with some exercise, two hours cycling


Excellent cycling no rush, just steady
As we were cycling along the path, we could smell the barbecues, and had an idea
We don’t usually have lunch, i.e., knife and fork, but I thoughts let’s be rebels
Let’s have one … too, after all this exercise
So we did, and on the menu, was barbecued squid, that I just adore, with tomatoes, potatoes, and a nice lemon sauce
It was divine, and of course the weather was just asking for it, that is actually the sun, in the UK ehehehee


I want my Life to be filled with moments like this, Special and Unique moments
No plans, just easy, and moments that make you just Happy
Today was a good day, in my mind there’s sadness because I’m so far away from my Best Friend, but I’m with her in thought
Make the most of this Life, and make all the minutes feel Special
Have a great Sunday xxx