5 May 2013



You asked me what’s the secret?
I tell you I haven’t got a recipe
My secret to a Happy Life, has taken many years, many falls, many paths
My secret is to keep focus on what I wanted from Life
My secret is to ‘ignore’ what others think of me, of my choices, their criticism
My secret is always to be me… 100%
Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it hurts
It’s not an easy ride. Don’t fool yourself
But it’s worth every single bit
What I want from it, it’s not necessarily what you want
We are all different, that’s for sure
In this journey, only one person matters
That’s you!
Take care of that lovely person that YOU are
And enjoy the ride Smile


  1. Wisdom words! It's called growing up and staying true to oneself.

    I learned that lesson a long time ago. Recently I kinda forgot it and it had its consequences... not very good I must say... but the important thing is getting back on track again ;)

  2. Sometimes Naná people say to me that Life has been easy for me, because I'm always Happy and smiling.

    If only they knew .......

    It's ok to sometimes loose track of your goals, sometimes, you just get distracted, and there's always time to get back on that path.

    Life is so short and we have to make the most of it

    Enjoy it but above all, look after yourself xx