3 May 2013

New Tool


I have to say that I just love things that make my Life easy.
Doesn’t everybody?
Indeed …. this Rotating Rotary Cutter Mat really simplifies the cutting
I chose not the largest one but this one it’s ideal for me, considering I cut a lot of squares this is the perfect size
I’ve tried, but not yet used it in a full quilt, but so far I’m very Happy and I can see the benefits
And of course when you buy a tool some fabric has to come this way too, isn’t this sheep one lovely?
A fantastic addition for my stash Smile
Have a great weekend everybody xxx


  1. Será que percebi bem? tu não tinhas ainda uma base de corte? como cortavas os tecidos para os teus quilts?

    1. Ola Ana

      Tenho 3 bases de corte normais,e agora mais esta que é rotativa

      Este é impecável, dá mesmo jeito, pois em vez de nos estarmos a torcer todas para cortar é só rodar,

      Entao se estivermos a cortar um quadrado de um tamanho de uma regua nem precisamos de levantar a regua e cortamos de uma vez

      Sou apologista de tudo que simplifica a vida.

      Beijinhos e gostei mesmo muito das tuas t shirts, continua tens mesmo jeito xxx

  2. I love this gadget too, It comes in several sizes too!

    1. Hello Lovely Wendy, long time no hear ;-)

      Yes I was thinking about the larger one too, but for my normal size of squares this is more than enough, ok it doesn't come in inches, but it's ok too, because I never follow the measurements in the mat.

      Hope you are keeping well, and still enjoying your job :-)))

      Say hello to Mum xx

  3. Oh my God! It's quite a gadget :)
    Love tools that make our life so much easier

    1. It's a good one Naná, and you are like me, anything that makes life easier, I'm in there girl :-))))) xx