18 July 2013

Mr Postman

Every day is a good day, but…….
When the Postman brings those lovely Fabric Parcels that is just ………. true happiness
I’m a simple girl as you can see Winking smile
Little things make me Happy
I have been quiet here in the blog, Life sometimes takes over, work it’s at it’s peak, and guess what my Christmas List, starts looking a bit like Mission Impossible
But another month and I will have to put my skates on
Because this year Christmas is in Portugal, and let’s say the family is big
So I’m sure, soon I will be paying for all this time off that I am having, regarding sewing
The funny thing is I always find time for fabric shopping
That is amazing, don’t you think so?
When I start sewing I don’t need to buy any fabric, right?
I don’t really know who am I trying to kid Smile
But this was today’s parcel, obviously I’m not mixing , it’s just adding to the stash


Within my Patchwork group I’ve been known as the gingham Lady in my first years of Patchwork
I seem to have gone dotty, looking at my stash now
Well this is it for today, let me go and have my cup f tea, and look at my fabrics, once again
How relaxing is it to look at lovely fabric?
Or is it just me that thinks like this?
Surely I can’t be the only one Smile xxx


  1. So cute!!1

    One can never have enough fabric! :)



    1. Here is a Lady that knows exactly how it feels ;-)

      Beijocas Linda xx

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  3. They're beautiful. I know exactly how it feels.



    1. Thank You Ligia

      Wow I do love people that know exactly what I feel

      Could spend hours gazing at them

      Have a great weekend xx