4 August 2013

Seriously ….. let’s start!!

I have been with my mind on other things lately , I think they call it Life
But it’s time to move on, less than 5 months till Christmas, with a long list of projects that have to be done.
I can’t leave it for much longer
And I’m starting with a ‘male’ quilt.
Wow challenge for me, as you know I’m the girlie type, pinks, flowers and so on…
Well …. there are some in the list, have to be patient
But for now, and to kick start the next few months we are going blue……. and maybe add some creams
Using the scraps given to me recently, they are just what I need


And who better for inspiration than the lovely  Crazy Mom
I have admired her quilts for a very long time and let’s see if I can make something to slightly look as gorgeous as her quilts look
Wish me luck and finally let’s start sewing
Can’t wait Smile xx


  1. Looks lovely. Can be a "male" quilt, but I like it very much, because I love blue. The colour combination is amazing!



    1. Thank You Ligia, you are right, I suppose it can be for everyone, it's a bit hard to keep away from 'girlie' colours

      Thank You xx

  2. I love the blues!!!

    I've always been a sucker for blues, you know...

    It's going to be lovely, I'm sure ;)

    1. Thank You Naná

      Yes I know you love the blues ;-) going to soften up a bit with the linen, and then a ................. twist :-)

      You know me, always have to be different ;-)