24 August 2013

And the borders are ready


And the Quilt top is now ready, for the next stage
I have to say I’m really pleased how it turned out, and I’m sure I will be using that same technique again
Unfortunately I forgot to wash the bottom bit earlier, and now have to wait to dry.
And today is just so wet outside.
Meanwhile I just have to start on another quilt top
Let’s bring the pinks, the flowers and the girlie stuff Smile


  1. It's so beautiful. Love the borders in beige and blue. It matches so great :)

    1. I'm really please with the mixtures of materials, linen and soft denim, just gives it that really male touch :-)))

      It's being sandwiched at the moment :-)

      It's a great back breaking job, on your knees a lot of the time :-) xx