25 August 2013

Now we are talking ………… Pink!!!!

This is the colour that makes me smile.
This one is soft, this one is girlie, this one ………..
Well this one is just me.
And now I’m just dreaming ….. Wouldn’t just go so well with my new sofa?
But unfortunately it’s not mine Sad smile
I can’t have them all really ……..
It’s going to a beautiful girl, and that makes me happy Smile


And because I never plan, guess what?
Of course it’s not the correct size……
And let’s applique, let’s add more girlie stuff……..
Love this one, what’s there not to love?
Have a great Sunday everybody x


  1. You can solve that problem: make one like it for yourself :)

    1. The first problem Naná is that I'm not keen in doing repeats.

      And the second, and the most honest one..... do I really need any more ???? ;-) xx