26 August 2013

On the table ……


Well this is one plan, but there’s a few more …
Today I think I’m going to sandwich that blue quilt. It’s quite a task, it involves moving of furniture too
Then guess what?
I thought of another scrap quilt, and last night ironed lots of my scraps, yes I know… I’m fussy
It’s just my method, can’t function any other way.
When I finish one Quilt Top, all has to disappear from my sight, so all gets put in place, scraps, threads …..everything.
Only then I can think properly into the next project
I only have a small studio, and everything has to be in place.
Looks like a war zone when I’m working, but once finished all goes back to normal.
So this bank holiday, not much rest, but doing exactly what I love
Nether less to say, I woke up so early the whole house has had a clean throughout
Feeling energetic
Have a great Bank Holiday everybody  x


  1. I can't function properly early in the morning.
    So I admire those who do!

    Good sewing :)

  2. I use to be like that Naná ;-)

    Because time is so precious now, I find it that getting up early is so much more enjoyable, and I can do so much more, when there's light

    And age probably has something to do with it too :-)))))) xxx

  3. I love polka dots... I admire your strength, keep going, because as you said the time is precious, and the days will be more shorter in a while, so make the most of it.

    Ligia :)


    1. Thank You Ligia

      There's a reason why I have to hurry with at least two of the quilts, and if I'm really good three.... probably wishing too much here ;-)

      I do like the polka dots too, gone dotty :-)))

      But meanwhile started quilting and the polka dots have gone to one side ;-)

      Can't do it all :-)))) xxx