6 August 2013

Once again ………….. recycling

There are two words in my head that go together, they are Patchwork and Recycling
My first quilt was made with my Dad’s shirts.
And there was a few blue shirts, and the word blue, rings bells right?
Oh yes, the new quilt is all about blues, so what better time to check those shirts once again and let me tell you ……. there is a lot of material still left
So today I just decided to go and check what was in that bag
Et voilà ……..


Look at those blues Winking smile
Immediately I started cutting


After I give this quilt I will tell you, why it’s important for this quilt to have Dad’s shirts on it too
This is what I just love about Patchwork, the recycling of all different materials, the meaning on each quilt
They all have a history
And I feel so blessed to be doing something I really Love, with a True meaning
I am a Lucky Lady. Truly I am


  1. Muito fixe! Adoro que se reaproveite tudo ao máximo! Dá-se uma nova vida às coisas, não se gasta dinheiro a comprar os materiais, e o ambiente agradece!

    Estou curiosa para ver o resultado, força! :)

    1. Obrigada Linda. Nem mais

      E tenho quase a certeza que este quilt vai ficar giro ;-)

      Beijocas e um bom dia x

    2. Tenho a certeza que sim! :)

      Bom trabalho :)

  2. I guess every work we do, when is thought for someone, no matter what, has always a special meaning, has that special little thing that makes it unique!


    1. I agree Naná but I think the more recycling you do, the more meaning there is in the final product.

      And the longer you know that person the more history there is

      That's just my opinion anyway

      Have a great day xx

  3. I totally agree. Good work Carla. We can see the love you put in every piece you do.

    Have a great day, and God bless you.


    1. Thank You Lovely Ligia,

      It's a true passion, and when you do something you really love you give it all.

      And I surely do that when I'm making my quilts, and also when I'm using them.

      Some stories are very touching and obviously I can't share them, because of the people involved. And this one has two stories of two totally different people, one that is my Dad, and one that has shown me something I always admired in people, the courage that it's never too late to be Happy. Something I truly believe in Life.

      You too have a great day Ligia, and remember be Happy xxx