10 August 2013

Once, twice … three times


Well somebody has been busy…
As I mention before I never plan for my quilts, but this blue one, well I really didn’t want to think much before hand
Once upon a time it started with twelve huge squares, as I was making them I realized it was too big
Then re planned and changed it for nine …………………still too big
Now down to four!!
A few borders here and there and it should be ok …… she says Winking smile
During this process I have done several quilts (in my head)
This is great, and this is the fun of Patchwork, at least the way I work, I just keep changing the plans
One day, maybe….. who knows, I will follow instructions to do one
This is fun, and I’m loving it …. well missing a bit , the pinks and the girlie colours but ……
The next one will be a quilt for a gorgeous little girl
Meanwhile I let me go back to my blues ………………….
Hope you are having a great weekend xx


  1. I guess that the most creative people are like that, they don't follow just by the plan or the "rules"... and just because of that beautiful things are brought to life :)

  2. Sometimes Naná I wish I was a bit more 'normal' life would be easier, but then most of the time I think, that's ok, I'm different so let be t.

    Hope you are having a great weekend xx