2 February 2014

Fabric Shopping in London

What better way to start the weekend, with a girlfriend, Fabric Shopping in London
Seriously does it get any better?
First stop…..where else but Liberty Fabric, seriously this is just the BEST, but the HARDEST
Seriously it’s just a very painful process, everywhere you turn, you just fall in love…. well I do.
It’s heart breaking, First you look at everything, then you look again and dream, after a few good minutes, you come back to earth, and that’s when the process of choosing start
You pick a few, you chat, you debate, you think, you use your common sense (almost impossible) by then, and finally you decide
It’s a long process, but the adrenaline is just running in your veins
It’s a super starting point.
Exhausted after that start, we then try Goldhawk Road, apparently and now we understand why, all the sewing people go.
It’s a Fabric Wonder world, ok let’s not compare it, with Liberty totally different but….
But well well worth it, for the fabric, the prices, the quality
Ok you have to enter in some not so big shops, divided most in three floors, with tiny staircases, in our case, we had rucksacks, after all we were going Fabric Shopping, and let’s say it gets tight in some of those stairs, some funny smells but nothing unbearable
We were wise and checked other blogs to see which ones were the favourites, so we ‘attacked’ those first, and they were right
There’s good, there’s bad and there’s very bad fabric choices but …. there’s something for everybody, that’s for sure
You just have to be patient, because in the end, the price compensates
So if you are in the Sewing World, patchwork, dressmaking , etc.…. it’s well well worth a visit
Pop in to Shepherds Bush Market, if you haven’t had enough by then, worth a look too, they too sell Fabric
Overall it was a Fantastic Day out, and my picks apart from a few more notions were these:


What a great Saturday it was.
Can’t wait for the next Fabric Shopping Experience Smile


  1. I can imagine the great it was with all that fabric around you. I can imagine how hard it was choose just some of the fabrics. I'm sure it was a great experience and I wish I could be in London with you to have that fabric adventure too. :)

  2. What a great time well spent!

    That is just so tempting... specially the Liberty ones ;)

    1. Naná and the shop is just to die for .

      I could live there very happily :-))))) xx