2 February 2014

Happy February

Wow it has been a long time, since my last post
Life just seems to be going too fast at the moment …. way to fast actually
Unfortunately not much sewing lately
Apart from Patchwork, I am at Uni doing a Pattern Cutting Course, and the second term is not as easy as the first, now we are more hands on, and with a lot more to do. If that wasn’t enough I also have to watch my online sewing courses, so at the moment, everyday I’m learning something new, and what a great feeling that is
So the blog suffers a bit, I have to admit, Facebook and Instagram, get update a bit more often.
But considering that I will be on holiday in a bit more than a month’s time, and thinking about that, and something I needed it, here is what I’ve done with 4 napkins, of excellent material and chance to try for the first time my French Seams, that I think are brilliant, because of that and the fabric being strong, there was no need to insert lining, which was great
Really pleased with the end result, here are a couple of Laundry Bags



Until next time, be Happy Smile


  1. I'm glad you've been so busy learning so many new things! Learning is good, very good. The idea about the napkins is fantastic and so useful. Keep going. :)

    1. Always want to learn more and more. Love it. Thnak you for your comment Lovely Lady xxx

  2. It is all for a great cause ;)