19 October 2014

The sewing mood is back on

Sometimes it disappears, for a few instances, whether I’m happy, sad or just with lots on my mind
But it’s back, and nothing better than have just one quilt on hands let’s have two Winking smile
If you follow me in Instagram or Facebook you have already seen the one I started for myself
It’s a very soft, light coloured quilt, and I can already imagine that one finished
I love the two colours basically, and I just wanted something as simple and as effective as this one



This will be a very peaceful quilt, for a different state of mind.
I go through stages, don’t know if it’s me, but being a Gemini, change is very important too
So every, so often, the Quilts rotate,according to the moods
And then, well, if there’s not much colour on the previous one, this second one, for a gorgeous little boy makes up for it



Choosing fabric to be added on, it’s proving to be a bit harder
So many options, definitely makes it so much harder
But hopefully soon a decision will be made

As you can see the mojo, is definitely back on, and at the moment there’s no more plans to start a different quilt, because there’s a few sewing projects, on the side, that have been started, but yet, to be finished
Just as well I’m not is a rush Winking smile
Have a great week xx

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