15 February 2015

How Life is … at the moment

Almost a month without writing a post. It’s not acceptable.
At the moment Life is jut going so fast, my days are so full, and my lists get bigger by the day, but I feel so blessed with what Life is throwing at me.
A month ago, if you told me where I would be today, I would have said, never. But reality is: I am.
I’ve achieved great things, by simply, being me. By simply letting Life flow and take me in the direction that I am now.
It’s nice when you receive emails, from people, that have never met me, and like me because of what they read. That is the Best.
And then I feel guilty because I should post more, but this is also a personal journey, where I need to be with ‘me’ if that makes sense, to absorb all the changes that are happening.
For the first time in Life, and nearly fifty, I’m letting myself go, several people probably are pushing me, probably my attitude and the way I see Life is changing too
I can’t tell but whatever it is, I want to enjoy every single minute of it.
So what have I been up to?
I’ve been working very hard, busy at my day job at the moment. And I have been creating, I have been trying, testing new techniques, and I’m so loving it
I’m learning, I’m absorbing so much, from videos, from talking to people, it has been Fantastic.
But most important, I’m having Fun, and that’s what I really want in Life, to have fun in everything I do.
Obviously the comments, I have been receiving about my work, have played a very important part, on how I feel, it lifts you up.
Dealing with different people, and some extremely difficult, that unfortunately are in your Life, not by choice, but it’s just reality, you once again Learn
So many times this last month I had to take deep breaths and think, that surely they are in my Life for a reason, even if it’s just to remind me, how not to be. But that’s Life
Not perfect but … it’s up to us to deal with it, and you can be miserable, like them, or you can move forward. The choice is yours.
I clearly choose to be me. Happy go Lucky kind of girl.
I’ve finally finished the baby quilt, I had visions of the baby going to Uni, and I still had that mini quilt to finish lol
And I’ve been making lots of cards, and yes a list of orders to make to, but this post, today had priority.
I’m in the process of doing my craft room, so that means that soon, everything is going to be upside down, again that’s the direction that Life is taking me, and I need this conversion of spare room into a craft room, to accommodate some of the changes for the near future.
I will finish this post, thanking you for being there, thanking you for the nice emails that you send me, and just remind you that Life is Great, just make sure you are making the most of it.
Till next time, please be Happy, and have Fun
I’m going to leave you with a card, made by me, that a very nice Lady is going to get this week. xx



  1. Continua alegre e bem com a vida. Xxx

    1. Obrigadinha Didinha
      Mum's comments are the Best xxxxxxxxx