18 January 2015

My new venture as a demonstrator…

Happy New Year…. wow… how time flies
I hope that 2015 brings you everything that you wish, but let’s just not sit there and write lists, let’s act on our goals and plans for this year.
And that’s exactly what happened here at Simply.
I started last year buying the lovely products from Stampin Up, and because of the quality, the variety, their designs are just great . It really matters when you want to go that step further with your projects.
So I decided to join Stampin Up, in my case as a demonstrator.
The great thing about SU is that there are no huge obligations, you know me and obligations don’t go hand in hand, but with SU you just go at your own pace
Basically I started to buy products for my new hobby at discounted prices, was just too appealing, but quickly that changed and very soon I’m going to selling my cards, who would have thought that I already have requests, if you would have said this to me a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have believed.
So when this started to go in that direction, I thought why not, let’s start the ball rolling
You can have all the help that you need, you have access to information that you may require, and above all, there’s a lovely group of Ladies, that at any time, can help you if you have any queries.
So the product is there, new things coming out all the time, the help is there, the inspiration and motivation is there. What have you got to loose?
Absolutely nothing.
So you want to become a demonstrator, great, you can buy great products at discounted rates, you have the credits, the commissions and all that, or  just like how I started, you want to buy and test, that’s is great too, you can follow the route that it suits you.
Also why don’t you join us in the Sale-a-bration for everything you buy for the value of £45.00 you can choose a free product, from the Sale-a-bration catalogue. If you spend £90.00 you get two, and so on. You can’t buy those products, you can only get them free with your purchases
If you are at home, if you can do with a little bit extra cash, the options are there
As I said I started as a hobby, it has now changed, because I’m going to start selling my cards, I will have some made, and I will take requests for personalised ones, at work, at local shops, people are now appreciating more handmade stuff, so the options are there.
But you might not just want to make cards, probably cards are not your thing. Not a problem at all. If you have kids, fun projects to make with them. How many photos have we got in our mobiles, tablets, laptops and we do nothing with them?
Project Life let’s your imagination flow. You do your own thing, and you don’t even have to worry about matching, because their kits sorted that job for you.
No more leaving those photos abandon in your phone, without recording the memories, the funny remarks that kids usually come out with it. Holidays, time spent with your friends and family why not do something that will be so appreciated in the future.
The choice is yours, if you need any information, do not hesitate to contact me, if you want a workshop, a one to to one, or even if you just want a card, just email me
You have all the information in my page, how to contact me, have a browse and above all let’s kick 2015 and start creating memories..
I’m doing just that….




This is just the beginning!!
2015 is going to be a great year