30 December 2014

Final post of the year!!

Well where do I start?

I have been quiet in the blog front. It’s true, but let me assure you it’s only in the blog.

When I decided to do Card Making, I knew I had to start somewhere, and I thought I would start slowly, well that is not case, the more you want to do, the more materials you need.

And I had to make the decision, to go for it, and get basically, all of it, still haven’t got it all, because I made this decision recently, and with the Christmas holidays most suppliers are closed, so I would say in January I will have sorted most of it.

It has been hundreds of hours watching videos, blogs, and my God, there are so many creative people around the world, and the amazing thing is that you’re constantly learning, and that for me, it’s just the Best!!!

I’m loving it, and the experience has been Fantastic!!

The Patchwork, surely it will continue, but for now is a bit on a stand by.

2014 has been the Best Year for me, in various fronts, but I’m finishing the year in such a good and calming place.

It’s amazing when you sit back, when you relax, when you go quiet…. How many more things you notice, how much more you ‘listen’ … but above all, how important it is to listen to yourself, and let that voice inside you speak, but most important of all, is you listening to that voice.

I feel great, I feel so good about this person I‘ve become, and I’m sure that brings my creativity level right up.

So 2015, has all the ingredients that I need.

I’m sure I’m not expecting all to go smoothly, because Life is just not like that, but I can react to problems in a different way, look after this person, what I want, what I feel like.

Life is good, and I’m going to make sure that 2015 will be a memorable year, just like 2014 has been

Simply the Best!!

Let me take this opportunity to Wish you all the Very Best for 2015, Thank You for being there, and I’m sure that soon the blog is going to me much busier than it is now.

If you follow me in Instagram, or Facebook, I’m a bit livelier there as it is so much easier to post a picture than to write a text, so please do follow me if it interests you

Meanwhile, Be Happy, and look after yourself x


  1. You go girl! Wishing you a wonderful 2015! xx

    1. Thank You Ligia, and who knows, we might meet in 2015

      All the very Best for you and yours xxx

  2. May 2015 be very generous with you! Health, wealth, happyness and craftyness wise :)

    1. Thank You so much. I too, wish your beautiful Family all the Very Best for 2015 xx